Kenya's Mission to Mars

10 places to explore before going to Mars

We live on a beautiful planet that is full of amazing places. All I have wanted to do since I was a little kid was travel, and so far, I … Continue reading

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Why leave Earth? Why Not?

I applied for this mission because I am very interested in new worlds, new life and new knowledge.  Some people consider this mission to be an impracticable dream and also … Continue reading

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Mars One Candidates in San Francisco, CA

There are four Mars One applicants from the Bay Area who’ve been selected to advance to round 2. What’s even more exciting about finding out that there are other candidates … Continue reading

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Passed my medical exams with flying colors!!

My doctor signed me off today as being physically and mentally fit for this mission. I feel great, and I am keeping up with my daily routine of eating right and … Continue reading

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TV Interview with KMPH Fox 26

Here is the link to my very first TV interview with Erik Rosales from KMPH Fox 26 and my father Ed Armbrister. My mission to Mars is going great, but … Continue reading

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Spreading the News

Hello, so I discovered Thunderclap today which is a website created to connect people globally about different causes. I am using it to spread the news about my candidacy with … Continue reading

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Still in the running

Yeah!! I received my follow-up email today about the next steps of my application process. I made the necessary arrangements required to move forward and I’m looking forward to Round … Continue reading

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